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Buying Your Dream Cabin

A Guide to Buying Your Dream Cabin

Buying a cabin is an exciting venture that promises endless moments of tranquility, adventure, and escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. However, purchasing a cabin entails more than just finding a picturesque setting. There are several crucial factors to consider to ensure your investment is sound and your retreat becomes a haven rather than a headache.

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MN Cabin Financing

Financing Your Minnesota Cabin Dreams with Northview Bank

Northview Bank is making it a reality for families all across Minnesota and Wisconsin, offering the financing to transform your cabin daydreams into weekend getaways and summer retreats.

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Construction Loan Blog

Navigate Construction Loans with Ease: The Northview Bank Advantage

At Northview Bank, we pride ourselves on offering construction loans that remove the stress and confusion from financing your home building or renovation project.

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Home Equity

Home Equity Loan for Cabin or Land

Can home equity loans be used to purchase land or a cabin?

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Seasonal Cabins And Conventional Mortgages

Seasonal Cabins and Conventional Mortgages

Do seasonal cabins qualify for conventional mortgage programs?

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Manufactured Homes

Manufactured Homes

What should prospective buyers consider when making a decision to purchase a manufactured home?

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Home Equity

Home Equity Line of Credit vs Home Equity Loan

What are the key differences between a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) and a Home Equity Loan?

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Total Closing Costs

What are closing costs and what components make up the total amount of closing costs?

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Application Process

Application Process

What documents or information are typically required in an application process?

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5 Reasons To Choose A Community Bank

5 Reasons to Choose a Community Bank

A community bank is a locally owned and operated financial institution that provides banking services primarily to individuals, families, small businesses, and farming communities.

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Understanding CD's

 If you're looking for a low-risk investment that can provide a higher interest rate than a traditional savings account, a bank CD might be worth considering.

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The Ins and Outs of HELOC Loans

A HELOC loan, or Home Equity Line of Credit loan, is a popular financial assistance option among homeowners in the current economy.

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Community Banks  Where Modern Technology Meets Personalized Service

Community Banks: Where Modern Technology Meets Personalized Service

With current banking technology available at community banks, customers can carry their bank with them wherever they go, allowing for banking at their convenience.

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Fueling Recovery  The Vital Role Of Minnesotas Community Banks In Supporting Small Businesses

Fueling Recovery: The Vital Role of Minnesota's Community Banks in Supporting Small Businesses

The resilience and collaboration between community banks and small businesses will continue to be a driving force in Minnesota's economic recovery and growth. By choosing community banks as financial partners, small businesses gain not only access to capital but also a trusted ally invested in their success.

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Breaking Free From Big Banks  Discover The Advantages Of Community Banking

Breaking Free from Big Banks: Discover the Advantages of Community Banking

If you're tired of impersonal service, big fees, and limited local involvement from your big bank, it's time to consider a community bank. By making the switch, you can enjoy a better banking experience while actively contributing to the growth and well-being of your local community.

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Mortgage Blog

Home Mortgages with Northview Bank: Understanding the Terms

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you can make. For most people, a home mortgage is the only way they can finance this investment.

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The Power Of Multi Generational Ownership In Community Banks

The Power of Multi-Generational Ownership in Community Banks

The multi-generational family ownership of community banks brings unique benefits to both the banks and the communities they serve. From cultivating a strong work ethic to active community involvement and planning for the future, these community banks remain pillars of support for their local communities.

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Community Banks Vs Credit Unions

Community Banks vs. Credit Unions: Understanding the Difference

It is crucial for individuals to carefully consider distinctions when choosing a financial institution that aligns with their values and community preferences. By supporting community banks, individuals can actively contribute to the well-being of their local communities.

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How Minnesota Community Banks Drive Local Impact

How Minnesota's Community Banks Drive Local Impact

Community banks in Minnesota play a vital role in supporting their local communities. Part of the DNA of community banks includes going beyond traditional banking and engaging in various initiatives and partnerships that contribute to community development.

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CabinProperty Northview Bank Vacation Property Financing

Buying Minnesota Cabin Property with Northview Bank

If you and your family are ready to buy a cabin or lake home in Minnesota or Wisconsin, you
probably already have an idea of what area you prefer. It could be a lake you grew up fishing or
an area you love to hunt. It could be that you’re not sure about anything beyond finding the
place for your family to connect as everyone gets older.

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Northview Bank Vacation Property Financing

Buying a Cabin in a Crowded Market

Purchasing a cabin, cottage, bare land, or vacation property can be a challenge in any economic season, and when inventory is low and other buyers are motivated, it can be an even higher hill to climb. 

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Every Age

Northview Bank - For Every Age and Every Season

At Northview Bank, we want to help people in every season of life make the most of their lives and have access to all of the financial tools and opportunities available to them.

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Personal Loans 800

Personal Loans from Northview Bank

At Northview Bank, we are in the business of making big purchases possible, of helping business-owners succeed, of keeping busy families connected, and of giving hard working people more opportunities.

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Local Bank 800

The Benefits of a Local Bank

At Northview Bank, we partner with our customers to give them access to everything that will make them as successful as possible with the services we provide. We offer all of the products and services of a big bank but with the benefits of a community-based, community-oriented bank.

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Minnesota Cabin 800

How to Buy Your Minnesota Cabin

Northview Bank is Making a Cabin Possible

For many, buying a cabin in Minnesota is a lifelong dream. It’s about more than a financial investment. It’s a place for family to gather for holidays and long summer weekends, a place for the guys’ fishing trip or the girls’ weekend, and a place to set up your deer stand and enjoy some serene November mornings.

However, buying a cabin can also seem out of reach for many people.

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Vacantion Property 800

Buying Your Vacation Property - 4 Tips for Buying a Cabin

Northview Bank is helping people make family a priority. For many, a cabin or vacation property feels like an impossibility because of the financial hurdles involved. By connecting people with manageable financing solutions for vacation property, however, we’re able to help people move into the right fit.

Before someone settles on buying a cabin, there are some important questions to ask.

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Buy A Cabin 800

Buying and Refinancing a Home or Cabin with Northview Bank

With mortgage rates remaining low — and with the economy at a slow pace of recovery — now could be the time to consider refinancing your home. It’s also a time of opportunity for sellers and buyers. Sellers in many areas can get top dollar for their homes. Buyers can take advantage of incredibly low interest rates. Northview Bank is your local Minnesota team of mortgage experts, helping you make the right decision on your home purchase, home refinancing, or cabin property purchase.

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Dock 800

10% Down on Cabin Financing

You've probably said it before: “Someday I'd like to buy my own cabin.”

Buying a cabin might feel like it’s a long way off. With most vacation property financing solutions requiring big down-payments, buying a lake lot, second home, hunting land, or cabin seems financially out of reach for most people.

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Refinaincing Saves You Moneyc

Mortgage Lending from Northview Bank

At Northview Bank, we are here at every stage of life, from helping children set up their first savings accounts to helping business owners make a dream become reality. 

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Cabin Fever 800

How to Avoid Cabin Fever

Let’s face it, too much time indoors can drive a person crazy. Frigid temps and brutal wind chills can limit outdoor activities, but there are many things your can do to prevent cabin fever.

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Hunting Cabin 800

Inexpensive Hunting Cabins for Comfortable Shelter

We know it can take years to complete your ideal piece of hunting land with the lodge of your dreams. When you find property you love without a livable structure, consider these options while you prepare to build the lodge of your dreams.

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5 Reasons Selling Land By Owner Might Be a Big Mistake

Your land is among your most valuable assets. When it's time to sell, get the most out of it by using every resource available to get market value or higher, without getting lost in tricky transactional details.

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Hunting Cabin

Inexpensive Hunting Cabins

It can take years to complete your ideal hunting land with a cozy structure. This could mean a lot time, sweat and money. So consider these simple alternatives until you're ready to build!

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Leasing Land

The Benefits of Leasing Your Land

Ever considered leasing your land for hunting, farming or both? The benefits of leasing your land can help increase its value while adding income to your pockets.

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Buying Land2

Thinking Outside the Box to Buy Land

When it comes to dreaming about a plan to purchase land, leverage your resources. You just have to think outside the box.

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Mortgage Types 56a634dc3df78cf7728bd59b

Is a Second Mortgage a Good Option?

If you're thinking about taking out a second mortgage, it's important to understand how it works and how it will affect your budget. You don't want to put your home at risk by borrowing more money against it.

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House Hunting Tips

House Hunting? These Features Will Save You Big Over the Long Haul

House hunting is largley about finding a place you can make into a safe, comfortable home that isn't going to cost you an arm and a leg to repair or maintain. Here are some features to look for that can save you expensive headaches and give you the most value.

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Housing Market Risk

5 Money Moves That Will Ruin Your Mortgage Application

You don't need perfect finances to get a mortgage, but it's best to have a basic understanding of loan requirements. The more you know, the less likely you are to make mistakes that can ruin your application. Here are a few missteps to avoid if you're preparing to buy a house.

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Inheriting Property C

What Happens If I Inherit Property With a Mortgage?

For inheritors of mortgaged properties, there are considerations for bringing the property title and deed to actual ownership.

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Save A Dollar Today

5 Dead-Easy Ways to Start Saving for a House

Homeownership. That first home might not be as far off as you think, and getting started is easier than it appears.

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The Seriousness of Bad Credit

There are a few ways to ensure your credit remains healthy, and healthy credit may be more important than you think.

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