Mortgage Home
Mortgage Home
Residential Real Estate:  
We offer a variety of flexible solutions for almost any mortgage requirements you may have, including buying or building your dream home, purchasing your vacation property, and investment requirements. Please call any of our friendly lenders to discuss current rates and terms.  
Finlayson 1-800-450-7575       Jeremy , Keith or Tom 
Askov             320-838-3131          Judy 
Barnum       218-389-6967       Jake 
Cromwell       218-644-3351       Shelly or  Jon  
Deer River       866-933-2265       Shirley 
Floodwood       218-476-2281       Nancy 
Grand Rapids 800-821-6889          Gene 
Hinckley          320-384-0445              Traver 
Kerrick            218-496-5515              Debra 
Sandstone            320-245-5261           Bill or Chad 
Willow River 218-372-3155       Carrie 
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