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Credit Score

Buying a house - in many ways - comes down to your credit score. How can you improve your credit score? The good news: It’s not a lost cause. Some easy steps with your debt and credit limits can make a big difference.

Closing Costs

When buying a house, be sure you’re paying attention to how much you’re paying in closing costs. They can vary in amounts and are different than your down payment. Before closing on your house, make sure you know what to expect.


Building a home can be an exciting — but very stressful — experience! Whether building your dream home or your family’s vacation home, there are some things to know about the lending and building process.


Choosing a lender is an essential part of home buying. There are many reasons to choose one lender over another, and some important conversations should take place before you settle on the right lender for you.


The realtor you hire represents you and ultimately makes a big impact on your home buying experience. But how do you know who to choose? Do your homework, ask good questions, and choose wisely!


Refinancing means taking your existing mortgage and rolling it into a new loan. Usually it’s done when interest rates drop because can save you money every month and reduce the total you pay for your home.


Escrow refers to the money that your lender collects for your home insurance and annual taxes. Your lender helps protect you from lapses in payment and guarantees that you're protected by taking 1/12 of these costs each month.


If you’re buying a home, should you have an inspection done? How do you know what issues to look for or be concerned about? These are important questions to consider as you move toward your purchase.


Getting prequalified for a mortgage helps you to know what houses to look for within your budget. It also helps sellers know that you are a legitimate buyer who is capable of following through on an offer you extend.


The size of your down payment will determine whether you need to purchase PMI - or private mortgage insurance - with your home. Private Mortgage Insurance can help you get into your home even if you’ve put less than 20% down.

First time Home Buyer

First time homebuyers have many different programs and opportunities available to them, giving them access to perks like lower interest rates or down payment assistance. Make sure you know what’s available to you as you go down this new path!

Interest Rates


As you look at your options with buying or refinancing a home, you’re hearing a great deal about interest rates. An interest rate that’s low can give you the opportunity to buy a lot more house for the same monthly payment.

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